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Large media files not being uploaded to netlify

I have completed the steps in the documentation for setting up Large media files.
I have successfuly tracked and uploaded my files to github which have been stored as pointer files in my repo: GitHub - Mislav0508/gynaecol-netlify: gynaecol site for netlify deployment
under assets/pdf
However when I go to the Large Media tab in my user dashboard I see the following:
No assets found
Your site has no large media assets uploaded.
My sites URL is: https://gynaecol.netlify.app
Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,
Mislav Crnkovic

Hi, @Mislav. There are several possible reason that this is occurring. There are two requirements for assets to appear on the Large Media tab in the web UI:

  • the files must be uploaded to the Netlify Git LFS instance
  • the files must place in the publish directory of the site before the deploy finishes

The repo is a public repo and in my testing, I don’t see the second requirement being met. In other words, I don’t see the Git LFS files being included in the deployed files.

Would you please confirm that you see those files being deployed? You can download the deploy to see what is deployed or not deployed.

If you want to confirm the files have been uploaded to the Large Media Git LFS service, that can be done with this:

git lfs push --all origin

Sometimes it is required to include the branch name if the branch being deploys isn’t the default:

git lfs push --all origin staging

Replace “staging” with whatever the branch in question may be.

To summarize, would you please confirm that the deploy puts the files somewhere under the publish directory (“dist”) and that the Git LFS files have been pushed to the Large Media Git LFS service?