Large Media endpoint using wrong domain for ssl


I moved the media content of my site over to the Large Media git lfs service, however now when I try to embed my image content along with say an rss feed it throws a fit. Most rss readers or browsers will not allow the images to load because the large media endpoint is using the wrong https cert.

in jekyll i use the site.url setting to compile this url when embedding the image into my feed:
however when the readers try and load that, the https cert it loads with is for * instead of my own domain. It seems to be expecting either
as my url. This is not very convenient when working with jekyll on a set base url. I have not found any way of selecting which domain to use for https in the large media settings or anywhere else in the control panel. Even though i have lets encrypt working fine for my main domain every where else.

Is there something i am not seeing here? I am having trouble finding if there is any way of fixing this on my end at all or if it is a design flaw in the large media system. Any help or guidance on this matter would be much appreciated. Let me know if you need any more details.

update: actually just as i finished writing this the correct certificates have now finally propagated for some reason. So it does actually work now.

Hi, @SGeSportsOrg. We have an open issue where the wrong SSL certificate is sometimes served for a site.

I’ve cross-linked this community topic with the issue and we will update this topic if/when the issue is known to be resolved.

If there are other questions about this, please reply here again anytime.

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it may help to know that the issue finally resolved after hours of trying random things. One of the things I tried was to move my domain over from a and cname records to directly changing to netlify nameservers. About 30 mins to an hour later while I was making this post it started working. It is possible that this may be a workaround to the issue, or maybe i just got lucky.

Update: We have deployed a permanent fix for this SSL issue.

We hope this solves the issue for you. Please let us know if you observe any similar behavior again.