Large build log has huge impact on build time

I recently updated a site from Middleman 3 to 4. Not a very interesting migration, but with v4 the middleman build --verbose command turns out to be quite verbose indeed. The log file for the site is 1400+ lines long, with another 800 messages pending when the log shuts down. I wasn’t planning on reading all of these messages so I didn’t care much about it until I noticed the build time for my site increased from 2 minute to 8 minutes. Switching to the middleman build command brought it back down to 1 minute. While this workaround is fine with me as long as I manage not to screw stuff up, it would be nice to be able to see a bit more than a 127 error when I do. IMHO logs shouldn’t have this much impact on build times, even though mine are admittedly humongous.


Hi Tom,

Yup, that is a known issue that is one of our team’s top priorities, and we have a replacement log service that behaves far better in testing right now. This article speaks more about the situation:

We hope to have our new log service that will decouple log volume/time spent building, but for now, less verbosity is how to speed things up (when our existing log service underperforms, which is fairly frequent but not constant).

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Thanks @fool! Any chance you can share a timeline on when the new log service will be in place? Not that I’m in a hurry, I’m fine with the less verbose workaround for now. Also: if you need beta testers, you know where to find me :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the offer Tom! I can’t make any promises, but hopefully soon. As Fool mentioned, it’s definitely a priority for us.

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Thanks for following up Gerald!

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