Keep getting 502 and 429

Hi there,

I’m implementing a POC app that connects to OpenAI’s API, runs prompts and parses the responses. The “backend” is implemented in a function, which makes the actualy API calls and constructs the prompt based on input gathered through other components.

I keep getting 429 and 502 in almost a random order, I couldn’t identify any pattern. I can’t see a reason why I will receive a 429 as I’m on openai’s paid plan, and can’t really figure out the 502’s at all. The function log shows timeouts.

I tried running the function locally, but it got so complicated to debug it, that I gave up :slight_smile:

Anyone got any idea how to proceed from here?


Can you share your site/slug? If it’s timing out i’m curious at how many seconds? you may need a timeout increase.

It’s sorted, thanks. Got time increase. It timed out after 10 secs. The 26 works…