jQuery load() and CDN

If I load sections of my webpages using jQuery load(), are the loaded files pushed to the CDN or cached anywhere? Informal tests show these section can load quickly, but don’t always do so. There could be other reasons for this, of course, but if the loaded files are pushed to the CDN, that would mean the issue isn’t with Netlify.


Yes, assuming that your DNS is setup properly so that you’re taking advantage of our CDN, individual assets will also be cached on our CDN nodes. If you share the URL for an asset that’s giving you trouble, we can take a look.

Thanks for your response. I don’t know that there is a problem, but I also don’t know how to test to see if a page/object is cached. Hence the question.

Yup, it’s not necessarily obvious. But if you have a specific request, we can check for you. Just let us know.

As it turns out, although it is a bit more difficult to code on my end, visitors see a much faster response when I use jQuery .html() instead of .load(). That is, instead of calling an HTML file using .load(), I can set a multi-line variable in use .html() to insert that into documents. Because of caching, this turns out to be fast enough that the page doesn’t “blink” on loading.