Jekyll site won't build: Error: No such file or directory @ rb_sysopen

Hi Perry,
I ended up reading your post in other page: [Support Guide] Netlify app builds locally but fails on deploy (case sensitivity). Do you think this could be the problem why my repository is failing to deploy?
(Meanwhile I tried changing the build command to CI='' jekyll build → did not work.)
In your post, you mention, these 4 steps

  1. deleting the file
  2. committing and pushing to GitHub
  3. re-creating the file
  4. adding, committing, pushing to GitHub

But then, should I delete all the files with Capital Letter in its name? :scream: Should I delete all the files like Gemfile, IMG-05.jpg, Roboto-Regular.eot, and etc from the folders and re add them to the directory…?