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JavaScript not working on Netlify

PLEASE help us help you by writing a good post!

  • My Netlify website name ishttps://dyzruptwebsite.netlify.app/
  • On localhost, the website works fine but on Netlify, the JavaScript code don’t work
  • I need to know what the issue is,plus there is no single error on the console

I need help please

If you check the last line of code on the live site, the HTML is being truncated. Myself and others have just posted issues about this as well.

How do I resolve it?

Not sure, I just posted the same question. Because it’s happening for several users in the last hour, there’s a chance it could be something on Netlify’s end. And now we wait.

Ok, Thank you very much for replying me,I apprecaite the effort

hi all, thank you for your reports! we are aware of this issue and are investigating. more soon!

please comment here - i am closing individual threads so we are not talking in multiple places at once. thank you!