Javascript error (this.wrappedControl is not a function) when publishing certain pages

I’m running in to a Javascript error in cms.js when I try to publish certain pages from my site (with Netlify’s hosted instance of NetlifyCMS).

(I’ve had to put links with [h]ttps to get around the “No more than 2 links in a post” restrictions)

If I go to [h]ttps://, make a change to the content, and publish, it works.

If I go to [h]ttps:// and make a change to the content (e.g., adding a single word to existing content) and click the publish button, nothing happens.

In the Chrome console I see the following error when I click the button:

Uncaught TypeError: this.wrappedControlValid is not a function
at te.validateWrappedControl (cms.js:2564)
at Object.text (cms.js:2564)
at cms.js:2564
at dt.__iterate (cms.js:2477)
at dt.forEach (cms.js:2477)
at pe.validate (cms.js:2564)
at cms.js:2564
at Object.onSelection (cms.js:2477)
at Object. (cms.js:2464)
at r.selectItem (cms.js:2477)

The CMS advertises itself as “netlify-cms 2.2.0” in the console, and this occurs in the most recent version of Chrome in incognito mode with no Chrome extensions loaded.

I checked cms.js in the Chrome Developer tools, and confirmed that the only occurrences (2) of the string “wrappedControlValid” are to call the method, there’s no code anywhere in the file that defines it.

Hello @aeby, it looks like the issue you are seeing is related to an existing github issue. One thing you can try is updating to the latest version of the Netlify CMS (which is 2.9.1) and see if that helps. Otherwise, you can add your comments to that issue.