Jasonrundell.com: We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain


I have a custom domain, jasonrundell.com, which use to be hosted on AWS, is still registered with AWS, but I changed the DNS to Netlify. I have the turqoise Netlify DNS status beside jasonrundell.com and www.jasonrundell.com. When I click Verify DNS Configuration at the bottom of the screen I get success, but when I click provision certificate I get this:

Do I need to remove the certificate I provisioned from AWS Certificate Manager and then retry this process? Do I need to fully remove the custom domain from Netlify to restart the process?

Thank you :slight_smile:

hey jason -

it seems like we have a cert in place for www.jasonrundell.com

but not for your apex domain jasonrundell.com. Is that what you are seeing as well?

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Secure now. Had to change domain information on AWS side using this information: [Support Guide] I changed my name servers / DNS on AWS Route53 but I’m still having issues

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