Jamstack stickers swag code not received - Help needed

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Hi, I saw the blog that take 1 mission in explorers.netlify.com and get swag stickers code.
Learn About Jamstack, Get Free Swag (netlify.com)

I didn’t get any code or stickers, I only got certificate, I completed four* missions as in the picture:

Hello! Thanks so much for reaching out about this.

Looking at the blog post you linked above-- did you apply the reward code in the swag store, and they didn’t arrive at your house? If so, when you did complete this?

Thanks! This will help us look into the issue further for you.

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I did not get the code… It should view at my about page.

It should view here Profile - Jamstack Explorers (netlify.com)

But it is not there :frowning:

It is morning at your time now, hope you reply ASAP


Hey there, @Omar8345 :wave:

Thanks for clarifying. I have followed up with the team in charge of Jamstack Explorers and will let you know when I have more information. Hang tight!

Ok! I hope I get the code I am so excited :pray:

Hey there, @Omar8345 :wave:

I believe that you connected with my colleague Prince. Please let me know if you still need further assistance regarding this matter.


Yeah, I contacted him, got the code, thanks!