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Jamstack Explorers course not completing

I completed one of the Jamstack Explorers courses but it isn’t showing as completed on my profile page at https://explorers.netlify.com/profile.

I was hoping to grab some stickers for completing it but this means I currently can’t.

Not a big issue as I really enjoyed the course so will be doing another one this weekend most likely but thought I’d raise this

Hey there, @christytc10 :wave:

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, and welcome to the Netlify Forums!

Can you confirm if this is occurring on multiple browsers / machines? If the issue persists today, can you please attach a screenshot of what you are seeing on your local machine? I will share this with the team that leads our Jamstack Explorers.

Attached a screenshot. I managed to complete other courses on the same browser (Opera 77.0.4054.203)

I can see the same screen on other browsers but didn’t try completing any courses using them

hey @christytc10 , can you tell us more about which browser, operating system etc you are using? thanks!

Hi. Sure, it’s Opera 77.0.4054.203. Running on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7

Hey there @christytc10 :wave:

I have shared this with the team involved in Jamstack Explorers, and there is now an open Github issue to fix this. I do not have a timeline for when that can happen, but I wanted to let you know that it is on everyone’s radar. Please let us know if anything changes in the interim :slight_smile:

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