Jamstack Comments Engine FAILED to build

When I clicked on the button to “Deploy to Netlify” it started to deploy the app. Then it produced the following error message. “Deploy failed for fastidious-cajeta-069c4c”.

In the example it says "Configure a Slack integration on your Slack account. "
I do not have a Slack account. How do I create one?

It then says "Add the required environment variables for:
Where do I find those variables?

In your docs it says this will create a new site for me. I already have a site I am using so how can I connect this new site to my current site?


@gerbreown If you’re seeking assistance with a specific tutorial, it’d help if you could link to the tutorial that you’re referencing.

The first page I visited was “https://jamstack-comments.netlify.app/” and the next is “jamstack-comments-engine/README.md at master on github”.

Excellent thanks, anyone trying to help you will now at least know what you’re trying to follow.

In terms of Slack, it’s referring to this 3rd party chat system:

You should up for an account with them, and if it in doubt follow their help documentation.

I am a team of 1 so I do not have any else to communicate with. Is it required in order to use the Jamstack Comments Engine?

@gerbreown I’m unfamiliar with the “Jamstack Comments Engine”, and from what I can see it seems to be a “proof-of-concept” system.

The introduction text indicates that the Slack integration would be related to notifying the site owner when a comment is posted:

The site owner will get a notification of your comment via Slack, and will need to approve your comment before it shows up, so be patient.

If you don’t need that portion, then you could likely skip it and implement something else instead.

Doing so would likely require you to edit the code though, and if you’re not comfortable doing that, then it may not be a great fit for you.

Thanks for the info.
I am following the book “Hugo in action” and it has a section on using Netlify forms for Contact and Comment forms. Will look further into that.
Just happened to see the information on Netlify’s Jamstack Comment Engine so thought it would be easier to implement.