Issue with Next.js 14 Server Actions on Netlify: 404 Error on POST Request

:point_right:t2: Hi folks,
a new major version (v5) of our Next.js Runtime is rolling out soon to all sites using Next.js 13.5+.

Starting today, you can already opt-in to use this version for your site, before the automatic rollout starts.

This version has full support for all Next.js functionality. We are constantly testing it using both the official suite of Next.js tests and our own end-to-end tests. Multiple past issues are resolved, including the one in this thread.

To opt-in:

  1. Please ensure you’re using Next.js 13.5+ (that includes 14.x ofc) and Node.js 18+ in your build settings.
  2. Opt-in from your Netlify site’s Deploys page. The new runtime should apply from the next deploy.

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