Issue with Netlify Prerending

Hello. So I have been building my app for a while as a nuxt powered SPA with PWA features and it was working fine. Then I recently turned on prerendering to improve SEO. After that, I added a custom domain to serve the app live through it. But then I noticed some issues.

The app before had offline capabilities but the under the new domain ( it didn’t. The Netlify subdomain which I had used for long still had offline support (of course because the offline support service workers were already registered in my browser. once I cleared the application data, the behaviour of the two were the same).

Noticing this, I suspected that it was the prerending that was causing the issue and I decided to disable it and enjoy the full benefits of the PWA I developed. Once I did that, I noticed that the custom domain I had before was automaticallly redirecting to the old website which it was set to before. I just can’t understand why. So far here’s all I’ve found on the issue. Prerendering error - not working as expected - - Support - Netlify Community and this Prerendering issues - Support - Netlify Community. Any help will be much appreciated

New update. The custome domain is now pointing to my pwa. But I still don’t have those pwa features which I designed for.

What features are we talking about here? I can see the app is installable and it’s also serving files from the SW cache. Is there anything else it was supposed to do?