Issue with golang app (Exceeded maximum allowed runtime)

Hey all, hope everything is well. I am trying to deploy my golang app, but I am having an issue with “Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime”.

I have a public directory with a static HTML page. It uses some js files and they’re basically created from a file.

The commands to run for the first time are:

chmod +x ./

# bundle js files into 1 under public/assets/javascripts/dist

PORT=8080 go run main.go

open http://localhost:8080

Now, every time, I just do go run main.go and it works.

Now, to deploy this, I added the build command to go run main.go and publish directory to public/assets/javascripts/dist. And added ENV as PORT set to 8080.

Getting error: Build exceeded maximum allowed runtime, after taking 20 mins or so.

Fixed it! Need a build for it to deploy instead of running it! Thank you all.

Added a netlify.toml file with build config:

  command = "go build -o app"
  publish = "public"

thanks for coming back and sharing your solution with the community!