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Issue to make deploy of Gitbook

I need advice to debug deploy Netlify App

There is a error complain when build gitbook internally cannot find the argument.

$ gitbook build
7:39:31 AM: Installing GitBook 3.2.3
7:39:59 AM: /opt/build/repo/node_modules/npm/node_modules/graceful-fs/polyfills.js:287
7:39:59 AM: if (cb) cb.apply(this, arguments)

Hi @Rodrigo_Rovere,

Take a look at


Hello Hrishikesh,

Appreciate your prompt answer.

But in this case how to solve this situation, because deploy of this process is being executed background via Netlify.

Is it possible to make something to finish process?

Hi @Rodrigo_Rovere,

I believe this is some problem with one of the dependencies that you might be using. You’re already using Node 16 (npm 7) and the issues above talk about Node 12 and 14 - so I believe it should not happen in 16 (but you can try changing Node versions to see if it works).

Other than that, you need to specifically check out these comments to see if they apply to you:

If that still doesn’t help, I believe you might want to add to that issue to see if it’s a problem with Node and npm. You could also try using yarn to see if it makes a difference.