Issue serving static nuxt site on mobile

Yesterday (Friday) at 2:11 PM our site - has rebuilt and deployed via a build hook to datocms and since then it’s inaccessible on mobile devices while works fine on desktop (firefox, chrome, safari, brave - same browsers were used to test the mobile versions).
We have triggered a new deploy with cache cleared to various degrees of success:
• it always fully works on desktop
• sometimes the front page works fine on mobile, but the menu links return errors
• sometimes some of the menu links work ok, but not others
• sometimes everything breaks down to a point where it doesn’t load anything on mobile
Again, throughout all those rebuild outcomes the site load ok on desktop.
Whenever we do get an error on mobile, it’s always the same: (on mobile firefox and chrome) “too many HTTP redirects”

While I was writing this post the behavior changed: for me, whenever i access the site from my iphone - it works; the desktop version has broken with the same issue (see screenshot below). For a colleague of mine, the mobile is broken (too many redirects) and the desktop works.

Some context: we have moved our DNS record management from Netlify to CloudFlare earlier this week on Monday. We’ve discovered the issue on Friday and have been trying to troubleshoot it since then. I’m posting this on a Saturday evening 13/11/2021.

We have not changed the front-end code in 18 days as of this moment and it is my understanding that since we’re using Nuxt.js statistically generated site, any changes in the back-end cannot break the site in such a specific way. If, for instance, we would change the shape of objects that the front-end is trying to fetch from DatoCMS - some pages wouldn’t work at all on any device.

This issue is impacting our business as this site is in production and has been for some time.

Could you please help us investigate and fix this as soon as possible?

From what I can see, the DNS is currently not correctly pointing to Netlify. Not sure if that’s related, but that looks like part of the problem?

Could you try moving back from Cloudflare to Netlify DNS to see if the problem persists?