Issue selecting a repo from gitlab

Hi all,

I’m a senior dev at a digital agency and we’re looking to move all our frontend to netlify/vercel. i’m having issues trying to connect my gitlab account to netlify. I am able to authenticate my account fine to gitlab and i can see some of my groups which are listed in alphabetical order. However it stops at ‘O’ and i can’t see anything past that.

The structure of our gitlab account is as follows

  • group(company name) → group(client name) → project

  • group(company name) → group(client name) → group(type of project ‘mobile’/‘web’) → project

The first one is how i’m setting new projects as but the second one is the structure before i joined. Some of them have even more nested groups. We also have over 120 groups under the company group and i have owner access to group i want to try out netlify with. I think the dropdown is limited to a certain amount hence why the group isn’t showing?

I was able to pick just the company group only and tried to search for the repo but it seems the search functionality doesn’t perform searches within nested groups?

any help would be appreciated thanks

HELLo, and welcome to Netlify.

This seems to be an ongoing issue with GitLab, take a look at Can’t add a site when connecting the gitlab repository - Support - Netlify Support Forums

Thanks mate. That’s unfortunate :frowning_face: guess i’ll just have to wait and go elsewhere for now

Hi there, @Kas :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums! Thanks so much for reaching out and bringing this to our attention.

I’ve reached out to our Support Engineers about the information that you have shared, and we will follow up on this thread once we have more information. Should anything change in the interim, please let us know.

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Hey there, @Kas :wave:

Thanks for your patience here while I chatted with the appropriate teams! We have identified the issue and have an open github issue for what is happening. This is not related to the thread that Freddy shared, so we will follow up on this thread once we have more information.

In the interim, you could either manually link your repository using the CLI, following the instructions here: [Support Guide] Linking a repository via API or you could use our CLI to build locally, bypassing our build system, and then deploy to Netlify: Get started with Netlify CLI | Netlify Docs

I know these are not ideal, but they are available today to unblock you. Please let us know if you have any questions as you get set up.