Issue login with github account

Hello guys
I can’t login with my github account due to the restriction in iran but I moved to vancouver and I need to have a netlify account. Can someone help me this situation?

Hi there,

I’m not sure I understand the problem. Can you describe the errors you get when trying to make an account or login?


Hello Charlotte, Sorry for the delay, and thanks for answering back. So I’m trying to create an account with my email but it needs verification and the system doesn’t send me any email to verify, I think my account is banned due to I was in Iran. Now I’m in Vancouver (Canada) and I’m trying to build one. Could you help me with that?

Hey mind sharing the email you are trying to login with?

No, please. It’s

hiya :wave:t6: thanks for writing in. I have sent your query to our helpdesk! Please refer to ticket # 242566