Issue about SSR and Facebook Debugger

Hi guys!
I’m asking for clarification about SSR.

I made this website, in SPA mode with Nuxt.
On Netlify, I enabled SSR render.

SEO works great for all pages.

I’ve find some trouble with Facebook previews (and share).

If I try to debug the main language (IT) it works well because the page is rendered correctly on server side:

but if I try with the secondary language (EN) it doesn’t work:

Do you have any advice why /en/ doesn’t works as aspected??

Thanks in advance and regards,


If I were to make a guess:

It shows it’s redirecting to the one without slash and that URL returns 404.

Hi @hrishikesh and thanks for answering.
Unfortunately this is not a problem because the url is canonicalized.

For another project we had build a SSR system with node and we didn’t have any problem.

But the strange thing is only Facebook and Facebook Scrap get problems because If I try CURL with Facebook User Agent, the page is well rendered curl -A facebookexternalhit/1.1

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Hi there, @DidoMarchet :wave:

Thanks for your patience here while we looked into this further. After speaking further with our Support Engineers, we believe this is an issue on the Facebook side of things and therefore will not be able to offer many more debugging steps. We will leave this thread open so that you can come back and update it should you find a solution. Thanks for understanding!