Is Zapier Free To Use For Small Websites?

Netlifly integrated with Zapier last year. Among other things, the integration automates the process of integrating API’s. For small websites, is it likely that Zapier’s free plan is good enough? Has Netlify integrated with any open-source alternatives to Zapier? Thanks.

Hi there,

We integrated with Zapier much longer than a year ago :slight_smile: We have not directly integrated with anyone else like that, but any service like that will work with us.

We of course can’t speak to what you do with Zapier or what plan you have there. Netlify’s own production account uses the first-level pricing ($20/mo or so?) since we have a fair # of zaps that are fired on occasion.


I’m using the free tier of zapier with 4 zaps, 3 of them are scheduled to fire once a day, the 4th is tracking a RSS feed. We get an email once a month telling us we’re nearly at the limit but this is at the end of the month so I’ve not seen it halt any functionality before rolling over.

Depending on your usage you might incur some costs if it’s more than our usage :smiley: