Is tracking conversions a planned feature in the future?

Hey guys, just wanted to start out by saying great job on Netlify Analytics so far. It looks awesome.

It’d be an instant purchase for me (switching over from Google Analytics) except for one thing currently holding me back, which is the present inability of track conversions.

My use case: I have a downloadable software product on a static Netlify site and knowing how many people press the download button is incredibly helpful: it lets us reliably make improvements to the copy on the website to increase our download rate.

Do you guys have any plans to add conversion tracking as a feature? This might require a piece of client side analytics code.

Some thoughts: Some solutions like Google Analytics depend on client side code snippet to provide any analytics at all. Netlify Analytics so far is providing the foundation of analytics without the need for a client side code snippet.

However, it might be useful to offer a client side code snippet for users who want to track user behavior on site, and have extra analytics data that builds on top of the great but limited no-client-snippet-required foundation.

Another random idea: another way to support site behavior tracking, this time without the need for a client side code snippet is with a REST style API. On download button press, it would be very simple for me as the developer to fire off a post request to some Netlify API to register the behavior before presenting my user with the download.

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Not sure yet, but we have captured your feature requests for consideration. We are definitely still working on this feature actively so this is a good time to brainstorm with us. Thanks!