Is this project dead?

Thank you @hillary for the update!

One related question arises:

Netlify CMS relies on Netlify Identity and Netlify’s Git Gateway, which are not open-source / out of the scope of a community-maintained fork of Netlify CMS.

Can we rely on Netlify (the company) to keep these doors open?
(To be clear, I’m also thinking here of the pricing, as I’m using Netlify CMS for open-source projects and non-profit organizations)

Yes, both of those services would be available at least for a long time. There are no intentions to disable Identity and Git Gateway.


I originally began implementing Netlify CMS + Netlify on client projects because, with such an active community and so many contributors, it seemed to be the least likely solution to fail in the future. Never imagined this could happen to such an important part of web infrastructure (and so shining an example of the power of open source) with no comparable replacement available. Is it just me or does it seem like only a serious crisis of leadership/management at Netlify could have led to such an important project being abandoned?


It feels that way re: management/leadership crisis. Suddenly such a useful product has zero maintainers? Just odd. There are some kinks in it and definitely some tech debt by the looks of the code, but I’d hardly call it something worth stopping all development on. As you said, there are real customers using it at this point. It has great value.

At the very least, Netlify could monetize it with a subscription model. I’d pay $10/mo if that’s what it took.

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I am looking forward to the fork of the project on November 30th

With hopefully a great participation of those who are waiting for their PR to be validated since all this time

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Hello @McFly and @geotrev! :wave:t6: Welcome to the forums! :netliconfetti: I appreciate the feedback you have provided on this topic. We have raised this discussion with product and look forward to providing an update soon.