Is this project dead?

Thanks for sharing that @geotrev. I understand it may be pretty early but do we have an update from the product team @hillary? :slightly_smiling_face:


I sure hope not, cause it scratches all the right itches for me
So the question is where do “we” go from here - and what do netlify wanna do with netlifycms ?

Is it funding, or what does it take to make the project move forward
personllay i write 0 react code - but im an avid user of the ncms for clients & projects, i would hate to see this die on github :wink:

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Not really a fork and more of a spiritual successor. NetlifyCMS is great but it’s a huge codebase and I think part of the issue it got abandoned is that there’s too much there for an unpaid team to manage?

Either way, I’ll post here once I’m over the initial discovery part and I have something concrete to show :+1:

In the meantime Static CMS looks fantastic, probably going to switch to that!


@creativiii why not try and pool resources with GitHub - StaticJsCMS/static-cms: A Git-based CMS for Static Site Generators ?


Hi Hillary. Have you heard anything yet? Mainly I’m curious if there is any plan to get a dev on the repository a few hours a week to review and merge PRs, or othewrise provide support.


Hi folks, thanks so much for all of your thoughtful commentary here! I have passed all of your feedback on to the Product team.

What I can share is that you can absolutely count on us to not remove the CMS from github or change the license to prevent any sort of usage. You can continue to fork the CMS to make any changes that you need.

I am sorry that I do not have further updates!


It’s very good news,

Thanks for work

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@mosesoak @mfan What limitations have you found with Netlify CMS and Gatsby v4? We’re using Netlify CMS on a large Gatsby v4.17.1 site and haven’t come across any issues yet.

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I am seconding this comment.

I just finished adding Netlify CMS to several of my repos and I was having an issue and I came across this thread and now I am quite sad. I really love Netlify and Netlify CMS. I really hope that Netlify CMS comes back into active developer. As an amateur I was drawn away from WordPress and to JAMSTACK’s speed and stability but I’ve found mostly heartache.

Thank you @hillary for the update!

One related question arises:

Netlify CMS relies on Netlify Identity and Netlify’s Git Gateway, which are not open-source / out of the scope of a community-maintained fork of Netlify CMS.

Can we rely on Netlify (the company) to keep these doors open?
(To be clear, I’m also thinking here of the pricing, as I’m using Netlify CMS for open-source projects and non-profit organizations)

Yes, both of those services would be available at least for a long time. There are no intentions to disable Identity and Git Gateway.


I originally began implementing Netlify CMS + Netlify on client projects because, with such an active community and so many contributors, it seemed to be the least likely solution to fail in the future. Never imagined this could happen to such an important part of web infrastructure (and so shining an example of the power of open source) with no comparable replacement available. Is it just me or does it seem like only a serious crisis of leadership/management at Netlify could have led to such an important project being abandoned?


It feels that way re: management/leadership crisis. Suddenly such a useful product has zero maintainers? Just odd. There are some kinks in it and definitely some tech debt by the looks of the code, but I’d hardly call it something worth stopping all development on. As you said, there are real customers using it at this point. It has great value.

At the very least, Netlify could monetize it with a subscription model. I’d pay $10/mo if that’s what it took.

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I am looking forward to the fork of the project on November 30th

With hopefully a great participation of those who are waiting for their PR to be validated since all this time

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Hello @McFly and @geotrev! :wave:t6: Welcome to the forums! :netliconfetti: I appreciate the feedback you have provided on this topic. We have raised this discussion with product and look forward to providing an update soon.


Hi @SamO thank you for the update and raising this discussion with product. Any updates you can share so far? NetlifyCMS is truly loved by clients because of its simplicity and live previews. Best from Amsterdam

so is getting sunset so that’s out. I set one of my clients up on Netlify CMS for their Jekyll site. I wanted to check if this CMS would suffer a similar fate under the erratic sways of JAMstack development and here we are :slightly_frowning_face: that’s an excellent question. I’m shopping for a CMS for my Jekyll builds I did for a bunch of non-profits. I built a site with Netlify CMS after forestry announced their end of life but I really want to be sure I’m setting people for success.

Hey folks,

We have already promised, in this thread (here: Is this project dead? - #44 by hillary) that we will not remove the code from GitHub nor change its license in a way to limit its use.

We have also already promised, also in this thread (here: Is this project dead? - #50 by hrishikesh) that we intend to keep the auxiliary services to allow you to continue to use our CMS (or others) on our service running for the foreseeable future.

Finally, we are aware and excited that community members have forked the CMS (see for more details), and begun development on it once again, as you can tell from looking at the codebase for our CMS that maintenance is basically at a standstill: Commits · netlify/netlify-cms · GitHub

While Netlify is still considering the future of the codebase, and someone above my pay grade will come announce our future intentions someday in this thread (once they are decided), I think you can read between those lines that your best bet today would likely be to use the fork. This of course will come with the expectations of support that come with a package maintained by a third party with whom you have no financial relationship, so you have to decide if that works well for your business or not.


can you at least indicate in the readme that currently nobody is maintaining the project (and maybe even point to the fork)?