Is there any way to increase the Deploy timout from 15 min?

I’m looking for a setting or support to temporarily upgrade the Deploy timeout from 15 minutes. I understand there are optimizations that can be done to reduce it and we have an initiative working on it, but would be handy to temporarily upgrade it.

You can’t upgrade it yourself, however if you’ve a card on file, one of the Support team members will increase it for you.

Thanks. I have the card on file, how do I trigger the increase? This post on the community is enough?

Yeah it is enough. It’s a matter of a few hours until one of the team member reads this and updates the limit for you.

@Perry or @jen should be able to help :slightly_smiling_face:

which site is this regarding, @felipeplets? netlify site name or API ID (safe to share) would be best.

@perry here is my API ID 2ac1f5fc-42a0-4e5a-9bbe-15551f5240c0
40 minutes would be ideal for now.


hi @felipeplets, sure thing! A 40 minute timeout does involve chatting to someone from a different department to see if there is any way a custom solution might be better for your needs - is it OK if I pass along your email?

While that’s in the works, i’ll try to get that timeout adjusted for you.

Sure, that works.
If, in the mean time, you can get the timeout up to the next level you can set this would already help.

definitely. I’ll be in touch!

hi there @felipeplets, sorry it took a little bit longer than expected, but you are now bumped up to 45 minute builds. Enjoy.

Thank you for the update @perry!