Is there any to Upload Bulk Blog post from Wordpress to Netlify?

Hello Community members, I have a blog on WordPress ( now I want to convert it to Netlify. I have already created a custom HTML and CSS theme. (

Now there are over 90 blog posts on my site. I have uploaded 12 posts manually and it takes a lot of time. Is there any plugin or any method to bulk upload my posts from Wordpress to netlify without any data loss?

There’s no ‘Netlify’ plugin. However, some SSGs like Gatsby can use Wordpress as a headless CMS. I see you’re using Hugo. While I think it’s possible to connect Hugo to Netlify CMS and thus, might be possible to connect it to Wordpress too, but yeah, that’s the path you’d have to take. You’d get more info regarding if it’s possible or how to connect it to Wordpress on Hugo forums.

Also, here’s a page from Hugo docs: That might help.

One shorter way out might be to use a HTML to Markdown converter so you can get your Wordpress posts converted into Markdown syntax without much efforts, but, it won’t be 100% perfect.

@mhamza If you perform the Markdown export from your WordPress instance as suggested by @hrishikesh, you won’t have any data loss. The usual issue is trying to duplicate the look and feel of your WordPress site in a static site. However, once you migrate your data and assets, you can ditch your WordPress installation and do everything with Hugo (or Netlify CMS, etc.).