Is there a list of Netlify API response field values anywhere?

I’m wandering if there’s a list anywhere of Netlify API response field values (where possible)?

In my case, I’m making a getDeploy request (using the ‘netlify’ npm package) and from the response getting ‘state’. I have a UI that then displays conditionally to this state.

I probably can find out each possible value of this state, but would feel more secure if I knew for certain what each value could be from Netlify themselves.


Are you looking for this:

Not exactly. Unless I missed something, this is a list of response fields and not a list of possible values that those fields could have.

For example, from the response of getDeploy I want all of the possible values that “state” could have. In the docs here it just says “string”.

Yes, sadly that’s all the docs mention. To get the exact value, you’d have to log it to console and try.

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