Is there a good SEO plugin?

I’m looking for a Yoast-like counterpart plugin to use with Netlify CMS.

I’ve only been able to find this plugin but it looks really out of date and doesn’t seem to work at all on my installation of the CMS.

I think in case of Netlify CMS, SEO is handled by the code written for the SSG and not the CMS itself. Netlify CMS doesn’t control the layout or inject any code or do any kind of processing. It’s more like a powerful version Markdown viewer and editor for the browser, so expecting such functionality is not a good idea in my opinion. Also, since Netlify CMS can be used with any website and each website can have a different SSG or a build process, it’s difficult to write one plugin that will suit all use cases.

What you can do instead is create a custom widget according to your SSG: Creating Custom Widgets | Netlify CMS | Open-Source Content Management System so you can see a preview of the SEO like the image in your link shows.

Sorry I should’ve probably phrased my post better for people not familiar with Yoast.

Yoast doesn’t do much on the front-end, it’s more of a set of ‘warnings’ or suggestions that pop up while writing content that suggest changes to make to improve SEO.

  • Use more keywords
  • Add a meta description
  • Add image descriptions

Stuff like that.

It sounds pretty minor, but considering all the things you need to remember for SEO it can be very helpful, especially for non tech savvy writers!

Sounds good but yes, I’m not aware of any such plugin as of now. Might work as a feature request.

@creativiii It wouldn’t be built into the editing system, but you could post-process your site using Scrutiny and then go back iteratively to make entries and updates.

That’s unfortunate, thank you for the help.

I might try to fork the plugin I linked and see if I can get it to work.

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