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Is the index.html a MUST on netlify? Deploy with express and hbs

Hi, this is my first question to the community :grin:

I’ve deployed a static webserver using express and HBS.
I’m getting a 404 error because I do not have any index.html.

There is any way to fix this and get the web running? Is the index.html a MUST on netlify?

The deploy is on https://trusting-boyd-834a3f.netlify.app/


Usually people do not deploy “webservers” here - only static content. While an index.html is not required, I don’t think your site will do what you want - you can certainly access https://trusting-boyd-834a3f.netlify.app/app.js and the other files you deployed - but we don’t run a node server for you at browse time, so that won’t work as you were intending.

Have you seen this site, about the way the jamstack (what our business and webservice is based on), works?

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