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Is our domain already hosted on Netlify?

My domain: https://apkarc.com/
This domain belongs to me, yet it is being served on netlify. I may need a ‘TXT-Record’ and probably should prove ownership. I was using the same E-Mail address as when logging in with GitHub today. The only place I have a copy of that website is on Netlify. Could you send me the email? If not, does it matter? Or did it get overwritten when I first used GitHub?

@Melissamike Welcome to the Netlify community.

You are using Cloudflare for DNS, so it is difficult to see where your site hosting is.

Why do you mention GitHub if you think the only copy of your site is on Netlify?

Your site loads, so it seems as though it did not get overwritten.

Why not just download a copy using httrack or Sitesucker or Blue Crab or some similar program?