Is Netlify free plan enough for Netlify CMS blog?

Hi, I’m planning to create a JAMSTACK website for a client. The super-speed Netlify hosting is important to us and we’re planning to add a blog with Netlify CMS.

Would the free tier of Netlify be enough to handle ~5 posts per day?

If not, could you provide an estimate of average posts that are possible? An estimation is all I need.

Please try to provide the calculations if you can (blog post size, build minutes etc.)

It depends on the following:

  1. What SSG are you planning to use? SSGs like Hugo build websites in seconds, while those like Gatsby can even exceed the 15-min time limit. So, considering 5 posts a day and 15 mins per build (max-build time per build), it might cost up to 2250 build minutes per month. Thus, free plan won’t be enough as it’s capped at 300 build minutes per month. Even the Pro plan has 1000 build minutes per month.

  2. What kind of content are you planning? If the website is going to have a lot of videos, and is expected to cater to a large number of audiences, the 100 GB bandwidth limit might not be enough too.

  3. What’s the frequency of posts going to be? 5 posts daily, sure. But, at what rate? If you need deploy previews and if your build is going to take more than 15 mins and you need to publish the post before it, you might need more concurrent builds than the free plan allows, that is 1.

So if you think you won’t exceed any of these limits (but if you plan to keep a payment information in records so as soon as you exceed these limits, you’d be charged), you should be fine with the free plan. Other than these, I am not sure if any more limits are very much important.

Thanks @hrishikesh :clap:

I’m preparing an 11ty theme for the website. Can you give me a realistic estimate for the number of blogs possible under free tier? Thanks!

I haven’t personally used 11ty, so I can’t really comment on that part. However, I’m assuming, the only limit you’ll hit is the monthly build minutes. You can check if the plan works for you. In any case, there’s an option to upgrade later (there’s also an option to just pay for the extra build minutes - $7/500). If you can calculate the average build times of your website, I think you can estimate it for the month too.

If I have to guess, I’d say that the free tier’s limits are pretty decent and one can get a lot of work done without worrying about them. If you optimize your build process, use minimum dependencies, etc., you can save on build minutes and if you optimise your images and other media along with your HTML, CSS and JS resources, you can save a bit on the bandwidth. However, I guess, Netlify does send time to time e-mails when you’re about to cross the limits. Additionally, you can always keep a check manually from the Netlify UI.

You’re a saviour! Thanks.

@hrishikesh hi! Thanks to your suggestions, I reworked the project expectations. I have asked them to publish 1-2 blogs per week with a facebook comments plugin attached under each blog. Is there anything (apart from fb spying on us) that I need to worry about?

Not really, but from a design point of view, you might not be able to style Facebook comments according to your website’s design. It’s both good and bad, good because users would easily recognise it, bad because you’d lose design concistency.

I personally use Gitalk on my websites. The only downside is, users need a GitHub account, but other than that, it’s perfect. I guess you can also use uttrences if you want an alternative to Facebook comments and are fine with users having to create GitHub accounts.

But if your users are already using Facebook, they are probably aware or okay with their privacy being at stake. So, it should work.