Is my account suspended?


all of my websites are down and say “Not Found - Request ID: …”. I decided to log in and check what’s going on but when I log in I can’t access my sites panel. For the first few hours I thought that Netlify is having a maintenance break or something but I haven’t seen any reports yet so I guess it only happens for me. Could you tell me what is going on?

Can someone help me?

Hi @andrew123 :wave:

Your account was suspended for violating our Terms of Service. You will have to host your content on a new site moving forward.

What is the rule I violated and how did I do that?


We received a written report from a reliable service that sites linked to your account were phishing sites. We did not send an email because we do not email customers with whom we do not have a paid business relationship when we cancel accounts for terms of service violations.

If you believe this is a mistake, please respond to this thread with what you are hosting as well as your use case for why you are hosting it.

None of my websites is a phising page, it is a mistake. I only host educational projects on Netlify.

I really enjoy Netlify and would love to keep using it but the suspended Netlify account is linked to my main GitHub account so creating a new account wouldn’t be optimal for me.

Hi again @andrew123 ,

Whether or not your content was educational in intent, it broke the law. You published intellectual property and used the trademark of one of the largest companies in the world (facebook), which is against the law almost everywhere, but definitely in the country our business is based in, and this is why we have banned you.

We cannot afford to host content that breaks the law and it violates our terms of service, so you will need to find a new web host. I understand you didn’t mean to break the law, but it has now cost us quite a bit of money to explain this to you in detail, and to respond to the reporter, and to deactivate your account. So, you’ve lost hosting privileges at Netlify. Please keep this in mind when you move to another hosting provider so you don’t make the same mistake there.