Is it possible to use gutil in a build command?

I am looking to use Eleventy to generate static pages with Netlify which pulls content from a CMS. This part is very straightforward for me to setup.

The CMS uploads images to a storage bucket in GCP.

As a part of the Netlify build task (npm/gulp/whatever) I need to copy the entire contents of the storage bucket into the static website output:

  • So that Netlify is hosting these image assets.
  • So that the images live alongside the generated website files making a complete snapshot.

Is it possible to use the gutil command or some sort of node module to pull everything from a Google storage bucket?

If you mean gsutil (gsutil tool  |  Cloud Storage  |  Google Cloud), the docs indicates it’s Python based and Netlify do provide Python in the build image (Manage build dependencies | Netlify Docs).

You should just give it a try.