Is it possible to post request to login to my site that has identity enabled?

I am looking for a way to access my website from a raspberry pi. My website sits behind netlify identity. The problem is I cannot access the rpi since it’s in a remote location to plug a physical keyboard in to it, but I do have shell access to the device. I am not completely sure if this is possible with identity to do but any help is appreciated. I have thought of a few ideas but none I have found a way to best implement it.

Is it possible to send a POST request from terminal to login to identity with my username:password?

I display the site using chromium on the raspberry pis which I do have shell access to each rpi. I am looking for any way I could best achieve this using netlify. I am testing identity now but am not sold on using it if there is a better way that could accomplish a headless login.

hi there eric,

i wonder this might be an interesting approach that might work for you?