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Is it possible to have bidirectional relations between collections?

Hey everyone, I’m very new to Netlify CMS, loving it so far. I’m trying to switch from a simple relational database to a git content flow managed by Netlify CMS.

Is it possible to achieve something like bidirectional relations between two collections?

What I need is that when I set a value to a collection entry’s field of relation type and publish, it would automatically update the other collection’s relation field with a link the entry I just edited.

Say, I have articles and authors. When I add an author_id to an article and publish, I’d like to have that author to automatically have article_id of the article I just edited.

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @kyrsquir, unfortunately there’s no easy way to have that.
Also, it gets more complicated with editorial workflow where you’ll need to bundle changes to both entries into a single PR.
Related issues are https://github.com/netlify/netlify-cms/issues/192 and https://github.com/netlify/netlify-cms/issues/1025

The only way I think this can be achieved at the moment is by registering to CMS events and editing the entries manually: