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Is it possible to get Identity to call local hook functions?

When developing Identity hook functions it would be really useful lto test them in context. Ie when we login using the idnetity widget in deployed site it would call our local dev functions.

It is possible to call the functions from the CLI to unit test them. But I’d love to do an integration test before deploying.

I see the identity widget README on GitHub states a URL can be specified when using electron but no clues how to witre it up to multiple hook functions. Also that’s for the NPM module version and I’m using the global script (ie no bundler).


Hi @slim,

The support for Identity in CLI is a bit different than production as CLI uses a local emulation: [feature] local emulation of Netlify Identity · Issue #440 · netlify/cli · GitHub

However, if you mention what exactly you’re trying to test, maybe we can provide some better info.