IPv6 HTTPS TLS Negociation Issues

Hi, I’m seeing issues when accessing netlify sites whereby the TLS negociation hangs on the “server hello” stage. This is happening across sites and for IPv6 only.

Is anyone aware of any infrastructure issues relating to this?


You will find the Netlify system status page here:


The status page doesn’t show any ongoing issues, but refers to a resolved issue a few days ago with HTTPS TLS negotiation. Is it possible that this is still ongoing?

hi @nexusbomb -

thanks for letting us know about this. The team is aware and working on this, and we will absolutely share an update once we have one! thank you for your patience.

I did a bit more digging and it looks like it’s an issue with ICMP based MTU resolution with IPv6. Hope this helps you resolve the issue

yep, thats what we figured out too. We have been tracking this on our status page:


and hope to have a resolution soon. stay tuned!

hey there @nexusbomb - we were successfully able to find the problem and roll out a fix. Do let us know if this improves things for you, and sorry about the trouble.

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Working good for me. Thanks for fixing :slight_smile:

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