IPs are blocked by Netlify


Our network appears to be blocked by Netlify, we just recently acquired the IPs we are using and are guessing they were previously bad actors? We use some services that are hosted on your platform and would love to continue using them. Is there a way for us to appeal this block?

Thank you!

Hi @irlkit , sorry to hear about the trouble! Could you share your site slug with us so that we may take a closer look?

I’ve shared our IPs via DM, I am not a customer of Netlify, I am a consumer.

Hi, @irlkit. I’ve created a support ticket so we can follow-up to discuss the details about this privately. Please reply to the email about support ticket # 134391 and we’ll continue to sort this out there.

However, if you do not see that email, please let us know with a reply here and we’ll work to get the email exchanging functioning properly.