Ionic React Component is not rendering after the build

Hello everyone !

I’m trying to deploy my Ionic React application on Netlify but a few things are not working as expected.
The components are not rendering correctly. I don’t know if it’s a CSS problem because when i use the devTools of the browser, all of components is present but just invisible. Locally, everything works fine. The problem is happening after the build.
Can someone help me ?

Here is the link of the repository : click me

Here is the link of the site : click me
use “” for the login and “test” for the password


@rova30 You won’t be able to get assistance from a screenshot alone.

Please provide details that could be investigated by someone else:

  • A link to the site
  • A link to public repository
  • A way someone could confirm if what they’re seeing is “correct” or “incorrect”

Sorry, i’m new in the forum. Here is the link of the repository :

Thank you

Your website doesn’t load right now, mostly due to these errors in the console:

Somethin appears to be incorrect in your code at the moment.