Invalid SSL Certificate issued by Netlify: "Cisco Umbrella Root CA" certificate is not trusted

I have a custom domain,, registered via Google Domains, and hooked up to Netlify via DNS. I ensured SSL certs were provisioned through Netlify, and everything was working as expected - the cert was valid.

Recently, I visited the site again for testing, and discovered the certificate was no longer valid:

Error message: “Cisco Umbrella Root CA” certificate is not trusted

This behavior occurs for both my subdomain, as well as the Netlify subdomain,

After installing the Cisco Umbrella Root CA, I get the following message:

“This site is blocked due to a phishing threat.”

However, I haven’t been able to track down where either of these domains have been flagged. Any ideas on how to fix this as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, @sal, and welcome to the Netlify community site. :smiley:

For the Netlify subdomain (, I’m not finding any Netlify sites by that name.

The same is true of This is not associated with any sites at Netlify at this time.

For the Root CA error, this was an error indicating a missing root certificate:

For the phishing threat, that is something unrelated to Netlify. Please contact the entity flagging the content as phishing to find out why they did so.

Did you possibly change the custom domain and/or the Netlify subdomain for this site? If so, what are the current values? If there are other questions for us about this please let us know.