Invalid custom domain

Hey there. I bought a domain from unstoppable Domains “qurqletown.nft”
But I get an Invalid domain name.
Please help.
Thank you

hi there, can you tell me a bit more about what you mean with “i get an invalid domain name”? when does this happen?

Hi @Willem

According to IANA Root Zone Database .nft is NOT an officially recognised gTLD.

Unstoppables documentation Configure your Browser for Unstoppable Domains shows you need to make some configuration changes in order to access the domains they are selling, or use the Unstoppable browser.

As .nft and other Unstoppable domains are not part of the offical database, and are not resolvable via (standard) DNS, it is an invalid domain name.

This is part of the FAQ from the Unstoppable homepage:

Hey there.
Was a bit inpatient, so solved it.
Sorry not for closing thread. Thank you for getting back to me!