Invalid certificate for custom domain


Never had any trouble with setting up SSL for a custom domain. Unfortunately, for a recent site I keep getting the error ‘Invalid certificate’:
Netlify site name is

The details show the certificate is for *

The domain was already connected 10 hours ago, and Netlify also recognized the domain and started provisioning the certificate.

What’s going on?



Hey @martijnvdb

I see a valid certificate using Opera, but not using Firefox (I trust Firefox more than Opera.)

The reason for the certificate issue is the AAAA record for

% dig AAAA		3493	IN	AAAA	2a03:3c00:a002:195::1011

Ahh, that makes sense. Can I just delete that one?

Unfortunatly did not solve my problem. In private window it still showed a certificate for *

I migrated over to Netlify DNS instead of pointing DNS records at my old registrar. Almost instantly everyhting worked :slight_smile:

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