Invalid cert for domain aliases


I have recently set up new aliases to my domain They are and

I configured the A record as instructed and it shows that they are configured correctly from my netlify dashboard, but when I go to I get an invalid cert error. I added these yesterday morning so I’ve waited a bit.


Did you actually add the aliases under “Settings → Domain management” ? I’m assuming you did, since you said you used an A record and not a CNAME, and it points the right place. But you never know :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for following up freddy! Yes I added them as aliases in the domain management section - here’s how that looks:

@mattgabor You seem not to have set up CNAME entries with your registrar (NameCheap?) for these two additional custom domains. What happens when you set up the DNS as specified in the docs?

this was for a domain alias, not the primary domain. It ended up working after a couple days - the docs here are correct and only an A record was needed: Sites with multiple domains | Netlify Docs

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