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Invalid authorization code This login link is no longer valid. To request a new link, enter the email you used to sign up

I cant create a netlify account to deploy a site . I am just getting the error as per above even if i try to request a new link

Hi there, @VRT

Welcome to the Netlify Forums :netliconfetti: Thanks for reaching out about this.

Where are you getting this error from? What happens if you follow the link directly from the Netlify website? If you click in the top right corner, you should be able to sign up from there!

Let us know :slight_smile:

I created a github-based Netlify account ~3yrs ago, the last time I successfully logged in was about 4~5 months ago.

Today when I tried to login with my Github account, I was taken to the Github page to SSO into my work organization, I’m on my personal machine, working on a personal project, so I didn’t connect the work account and instead clicked the “Continue” button. at which point point I was taken back to the Netlify.com “Invalid authorization code” page.

So, I decided to just create an email based account. I signed up, was sent the " Welcome to Netlify. Let’s verify your email" email, I followed the link, was told that I had been successfully verified, and was then taken to the “Invalid authorization code” page.

What’s the account name that you had or have created now?

metasean for both my netlify and github accounts

Hi, @metasean. I’m not seeing any issues with the login itself.

Would you please test logging in using the GitHub login button on this page in an incognito or private browsing window? → https://app.netlify.com/

If that doesn’t work, please let us know.

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Incognito worked. :+1:

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are easy to overlook that bite ya.

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