Internal Server Error - Request ID: 01FXQE4C5FGWQ6FBH3PFNZHZ9H

Suddenly we observer many Internal Server Errors together with very bad response times. Others observe the same issues? The site is:

This is terrible. Had only some weeks ago an 8-hour problem with Netlify backend/CDN. Now again. Never had issues with self-hosted servers. Probably, we have to rethink our internet strategy. My clients can’t afford outages!

For now, I’ll calm down my clients and look forward to a solution and explanation.

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Hey there, @don-esteban

Thanks so much for reaching out. We have updated our status page and will continue to do so as we work to solve this. You can follow along here:

Additionally, the following thread is related. If you have further questions, please follow up here:

Thank you!

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Same issues here with my sites at netlify:,

Hey there, @guiman87 :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. This is related to our current degraded performance. For the latest updates, please follow along with our status page:


Yup, our clients are outraged. All paid search that currently goes to Error pages, again.

I am still receiving the Internal Server Error - Request ID: 01FXQKNRD9KAR5EWW7804G40X8

sometimes it loads, but not all images, and sometimes just this message. I see that the status reads that the problem was mitigated. Is there anything I need to do to make it work on my end?

Hi folks, thanks for following up.

Our mitigation was not fully effective and we are seeing more latency, timeouts, and errors for serving uncached content, API responses, and builds for all customers. Our team is working hard on a fix.

We will continue to update our status page:

All four of my apps are down, either Internal Server Error or timeout…

Hey there, @ajoslin103 :wave: our team is fully focused on fixing the problem. We will share updates on the status page as they come out!

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hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience as we continue to work with the folks who are working to remediate the underlying problems. I understand your frustrations and, of course, that is never the experience we want you to have. I promise that we understand the impact and are working as hard as we can to remediate.

In order to streamline our Support communications, I will close this thread and we will share all updates in this thread, where we have Support Leadership monitoring the thread: [Incident] Netlify service outages affecting ability to depend on Netlify - please comment here - #14 by perry