"Internal Server Error" Error 500


For some reason my netlify page is throwing “Internal Server Error” since my last two commits. This is on any page, with no other information. I can’t see any more info in function logs either. There is no extra info like request id as I have seen elsewhere. any idea how I can debug this?

The project is next.js and builds and runs fine locally. New commits were just adding two new pages and
last working commit / deploy https://6363b8a42bd52000077d638f--dev-sketchbook.netlify.app/
I’ve reverted the site back to this working commit for now.

but deploys since throw error, see

This is git repo & commit history, Commits · Britnell/sketchbook · GitHub
only last two commits throw this error, 3rd Nov “hidden expand buttons example” works fine, thats what I rolled back to.

Ok now i actually reverted the changes in main back to the last commit that was working, but the new build of this throws the same error, (while the old deploy of the same code is still working) so that tells me its probably a netlify problem, right?


Refer to:

Hi Hrishikeh,
Thanks for your reply and the linked issue. Unfortunately those fixes don’t seem to have made a difference for me. I also created a new site form the same repo but this throws the same error …
I did not get a reply on the thread, do I need to raise this somewhere else? Is there any more debug information I can get? or is this an internal netlify issue?
Many thanks,

Hey. Could you share a link to the logs for the new site? Also could you try a rebuild of the previous site?


Hi @ascorbic ,
I just rebuilt and it works, thank so much!
Pushed new changes and those work too :ok_hand:

any lesson i can take away here for the future?
or did you just fix things in the background somewhere?

Hi @Britnell - this appears to be all on our side and fixed in the background. Our apologies for the disruption!