Internal server error 500 when submitting form

I always encountered internal server error when submitting form under specific situations bellow:

  • Build with asset optimization enabled (regardless of which items are enabled)
  • A file with a file name containing double-byte characters is attached to a form.

I am turning off asset optimization because I frequently encounter this situation in Japanese language environment. Because I want to use this very convenient function again, I want your team to solve this issue.

Thank you.

hi Kimi, thanks for letting us know. that sounds very frustrating.

do you have a live form where we can see this issue so we can take a closer look?


Hi perry, thank you for your reply.

Here is a simple form I created for testing.

For example, replace the file name with “日本語” and try sending.
Although the error may be displayed in your browser, the sent mail can be received normally.

Thank you.

Does seem like a bug, Kimi!

I’ve gotten it filed and our engineers will work on it as they are available. When a fix is shipped (or in case we decide that we will not ship one), I’ll follow up in this thread. I cannot promise any timeline for this fix.

Thank you for your comment and consideration, fool. I understood your presentation.

Thank you.

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Think we got a fix shipped - mind testing it out for us? Your old form name should work now!

It worked fine! Thank you for your support!