Intermittent website access issues


I am seeing intermittent access issues to my website. I see “Safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found” issue when I am unable to access the website.

  1. Below are my website details:-

Netlify site name :-
Primary domain :-
Redirects automatically to primary domain :-

  1. I have purchased he domain with Google domains.

  2. We are using Microsoft Office 365 as our email account. So, we had to configure their name servers in the “Custom name servers” section in google domains. to

  1. Below are the custom records that I have added in my google domains.

A record pointing to
CNAME record pointing to
TXT record pointing to MS=ms87414494

In addition to the above, there are few more records that we had to add for Microsoft Email configuration.

I am new to website hosting and to netlify. So, please ignore if my question is a very basic one.

Appreciate your help !

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@manojawa76 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Are you certain about your DNS settings? I’m not seeing them. I see the Microsoft name servers, but not your other settings.

At the very least, you should point your www subdomain at your Netlify subdomain via the CNAME, not the way you have it.

@gregraven Firstly Happy New Year to you and all the Netlify Community members !!

Thank you for your immediate response and apologies for late reply. I was on vacation and hence is the delayed response.

After going thru the link you provided, I added netlify name servers in google domain’s custom name servers list, below the microsoft name servers. Then I was able to access the website, but I was not able to send/receive external emails to my office 365. After couple of trial and error changes, I configured the name servers as below in Google’s custom name servers list.

  1. Added netlify name servers
  2. Then added the microsoft name servers

After that, Website started working and also I was able to send/receive external emails to my office 365.

I think the order of listing the name servers mattered in my case. I dont think I saw this info in the documentation.

@manojawa76 Your setup isn’t documented because it usually doesn’t work. You have tried to delegate DNS to two different name servers, MicrosoftOnline and Netlify. The correct way would be to have only one set of name servers, and make all of your DNS entries there. If it ever stops working, or works only inconsistently, you may have to revisit this matter.

@gregraven Thank you for the input. I continue to see issues. Can you please advice me on how should my configuration be for the kind of setup I have.

  1. Domain Registrar is Google 2) Email is with Office 365 3) Website hosting is on Netlify

Merging either 1 & 2 OR 1 & 3 with one provider is the only solution?

Thank you in advance !

You can setup in the following way:

(GD = Google Domains)

Keep your Google Domain’s nameservers as the default ones > Add MX records of O365 for e-mail (in GD) > Add A + CNAME records of Netlify (in GD)


Set O365’s nameservers (in GD) > Add A + CNAME records of Netlify (in O365)


Set Netlify’s nameservers (in GD) > Add MX records of O365 in Netlify

In any case, you can’t have multiple nameservers for the same domain, resolving to different services.

Hi Hrishikesh,

Thank you for your input !! I used the below suggestion and it is working for me.

“Set O365’s nameservers (in GD) > Add A + CNAME records of Netlify (in O365)”

After the above changes, I wanted to observe for few days and make sure that everything is working, before I updated here.

Best Regards,

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