Intermittent 404 pages served by Netlify

Hey there!

Netlify site: account-ghost and staging-account-ghost

We’re using Netlify to host a static HTML site and our staging environment under its own custom domain with. We’ve been seeing intermittent 404s, that we can’t reproduce ourselves, but receive regular reports from customers.

Originally, the site was just one site and we used branch deploy to create a staging environment with proxy rewrites. After reading about similar issues here, we followed the recommended steps and removed the proxy rewrites and moved the staging environment into its own app.

Since we’re not able to reproduce this issue, we were wondering if there’s anything you can look into (or clear some caches) on your end. We’ve re-deployed with cache clear a couple of times already but that didn’t seem to help.

Is there any further information we can supply in order to get this resolved?

Thank you!


Hi @AileenCGN,

There are a few things that might help us:

  1. The URL(s) reported to be 404.
  2. HAR file recordings or x-nf-request-id response headers.

These are the URLs for your account that I can see returned 404s in the past 30 days:

Only the /api/event/ seems production critical. Is that the one?

Thanks for looking into this.

  1. The URLs we’re seeing this are as well as

  2. I assume you need this from a 404 request? Because we can’t reproduce this issue on our side, so I’ll have to wait for a user that can provide this data.

The root is running on a different Netlify app where we’re not seeing those issues. The intermittent 404s have recently been reported for, but also for in the past.

Hey @hrishikesh

We got one!

x-nf-request-id: 01FFSP75S152WWDX8TCM4P404V

I do have the HAR as well, but couldn’t upload it due to permissions, and neither paste the content, as that’s too much as well. Let me know if I can provide it in a different way. Happy to do so!

Hi @AileenCGN,

Thank you for that. You could share the HAR file using any Cloud Storage - that would help.

About the request ID, yes, I can see that it returned a 404 for the mentioned URL. I can see additional 410 404s being returned for that URL in the past 48 hours.

I’ve purged your website’s cache from our CDNs till then. Hopefully, that would fix it. If not do let us know and send the HAR file. I know it’s difficult to see the problem as you have to ask your users to send the info, but there’s nothing at the moment that stands out as a cause of the problem.

Thank you for purging the cache. It seems like we’re still getting reports about 404s in. Are you able to check that?

I’ve uploaded the HAR file now here, hoping that might help investigating the issue.

We’ve been talking a bit in slack, but the HAR file shows a 404 on a POST operation to a path not handled by a form nor rewritten or proxy’d to some system that could accept a POST. Our system intentionally returns 404’s for all POSTs that don’t:

  1. hit a route that is configured with a Netlify form (Forms setup | Netlify Docs)
  2. hit a function
  3. hit a route that is proxied to another service, or rewritten to a function.
  4. (there is also the rare case of requests that come from facebook (their crawler misuses POSTs somehow; our prerendering service understands and handles these if you have it enabled and the request is from them) - but that won’t be relevant here)

So I guess the POST is unintended, but at least the behavior on our side seems explained as far as what you saw and shared in the HAR file.

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