Inquiry About Handling Large Automatic Backups on Netlify

Hi everyone,

I’m currently facing issues with automatic backups on another provider, Vultr, due to VPS constraints and the shared nature of the environment. Specifically, the backup process often fails with errors indicating insufficient disk space when dealing with large data sizes, around 150GB+.

I’m considering migrating to Netlify and would like to know if anyone has experienced similar issues with automatic backups on Netlify. Specifically, I am interested in understanding:

  1. Scalability: How does Netlify handle automatic backups for large volumes of data, particularly those exceeding 150GB?
  2. Resource Management: What measures are in place to ensure that backup processes do not fail due to resource constraints?
  3. Best Practices: Are there any recommendations or best practices for managing and backing up large datasets on Netlify?

Any insights or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Best regards,

What are you looking to backup exactly? Netlify deploys your site, for which your source code is likely backed up on a git repo. So Netlify is not really a backup provider.